Listen to YAHUSHA's Prayer read by Sister Dorothy Williams
or read by Brother Eric Russell
or read by Brother Eric Russell, Junior
or Sister Regina Brown
or read by Sister ShaNada

Matt. 6:9       1   a-vee-noo    she-ba-shah-ma-yeem    yeet-kad-dash   sh-me-khah.
                        Our Father           who art in heaven                be sanctified         your Name. 


Matt. 6:10      2   tah-voh    mal-khoo-te-kha   ye-a-seh    re-tsoh-ne-kha   bah-ah-rets
                       Let come       Your Kingdom        be done            Thy will                 on earth 

     ka-a-sher      na-a-sah     va-shah-ma-yeem.
       as                     it is done             in the heavens.  


Matt. 6:11    3   ten la-nu     hai-yom     le-chem   chuk-kei-nu 
                      Give to us      this day           bread           our daily


Matt 6:12   4   u-se-lak la-nu      et ash-ma-tei-nu   ka-a-sher    so-le-khim   a-nakh-nu
                       and forgive us                   our sins                just as             forgiving         we are  

    la-a-sher    a-sh-mu la-nu
   to those who
      sin against us


Matt. 6:13a    5  veal te-vi-ei-nu          li-dei mas-sah              ki`im ha-tzi-lei-nu      min ha-ra.
and lead us not         into the hands of temptation       but deliver us            from the evil one.  


Matt. 6:13b    6  ki le-kha         ha-mam-me-la-kha      ve-hag-ge-vu-rah        ve-ha-tif-e-ret 
                     For to you is          the kingdom                        and the power               and the beauty 

    le-o-le-mei  o-la-mim      a-mein
    into the world of worlds          Amen  


Please note that the above Hebrew words are given in pronunciation form and not proper spelling for the convenience of learning for the chaciyd.



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